Komodo Kayaking Day Trips

  • Duration : 1 Days (approx.)
  • Product code : 1daykayak
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Exploring the Komodo Islands and visiting the Komodo Dragons by sea kayak is an awesome experience.  

On a kayak expedition in KNP, you may have the chance to paddle with majestic manta rays, or even be overtaken by a pod of leaping dolphins. With a little more luck, you may even find a dugong lifting its big nose out of the water. They have been spotted around Karang Makassar but are rare, shy, and difficult to find. For the best chance of encountering one of these elusive creatures, it is worth contacting a local fisherman from Komodo, Rinca, or Papagarang Village, who can show you the best locations for a reasonable price.


The currents around KNP can be extremely strong, and kayakers who venture away from the coastline should take care. Within the park, the currents are much stronger than your arms, and you are highly recommended to seek the company of a professional guide and support boat. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water, sun cream, and a sunhat to protect yourself from the tropical sun.

The currents, your physical condition, and your preference for a relaxed or more competitive paddling style will determine how long it takes to reach your destination. A strong current in the wrong direction may produce waves of one meter or more in height, and can slow you down massively.